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About Senior Living Advisory Group

We provide senior living & care advisory, referral and placement services to families and seniors looking to understand their best options for independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer's memory care, nursing homes, residential care or in-home care options in the Scottsdale, Phoenix and across the Valley.

Senior Advisors

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Martha Batista & Steven Chung, Owners of Senior Living Advisory Group Scottsdale

Martha Batista, CSA
Owner / Senior Advisor

Steven Chung, CSA
Owner / Senior Advisor

We were formerly Assisted Transition in Scottsdale and Phoenix.  In early 2014, the entire corporate franchise of Assisted Transition was acquired by a competing entity . As a result, we are now 100% independent business owners of the Senior Living Advisory Group with offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix (see announcement). Our phone and office locations remain the same. More importantly, we will continue to provide the same level of trusted professional service for our clients going forward.